*organic sunflower oil, beeswax, St. John's Wort flowers, lavender essential oil.

St. John's Wort Salve

Nerve pain of all types, shingles, sciatica.

Burns,cools inflammation, wounds, muscle aches, bruises, sprains, reduces scarring


When St. John’s Wort's flowers are infused in oil, the oil turns a beautiful red colour!  This red oil is a powerful ally for the nervous system and can relieve the pain associated with damaged nerves and neuralgia. Apply SJW salve topically or infused oil for sciatica, shingle pain and rheumatism. Sometimes referred to as 'arnica for the nerves,' St. John's wort can heal and repair nerve sensations caused by trauma or other injuries.

This cheery plant has an aromatic scent which tells us it has chemicals used to fight off bacterial attacks and other predators. This indicates antiseptic use, which helps prevent infection in wounds and burns.  Also, this property is excellent at reducing the effects of a viral infection such as herpes, resulting in cold sores.  


St. John's wort reduces and calms pain, swelling and inflammation, making it a powerful aid for wounds, bruises, burns, sprains and muscle pains. Useful for many injuries that affect the skin and muscles. Excellent for wound healing and reduction in scarring.



One and half ounce salve is $14.00 including shipping in Canada

Two salves are $24.00 including shipping in Canada

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