Learn about four herbs using your senses by tasting, smelling and observing!  Have fun making a tea, salve, infused oil and herbal honey.  Food recipes are included to incorporate herbs into your daily diet!


Therapies to help calm the mind, soothe the emotions and nourish the body.  Learn how herbs, flower essences, essential oils and relaxation therapies will help you in dealing with anxiety.  


Salves, used for common problems such as burns, scrapes, muscle pain, hemorrhoids, nerve pain, and arthritis, are covered in this course. Besides having fun making your own salves and balms, they are also economical and make great homemade gifts! 


A sense- based way to learn about herbs. This course teaches you how to use your senses to determine why herbs work as they do.  It will take the guesswork out of what herb to use for what condition.  Simple and elegant! This is a foundational course and is the basis of teachings for all other courses.


The Language of Plants is a indepth study that guides you through your senses to learn about plants in a more profound way! This course offers old-time wisdom through practical hands-on experience.


You will learn nine herbs on dealing with the common ailments of the digestive system. Constipation, GERD, acid reflux, diarhea and more.

You will make a tea, decoction, tincture, herbal pills and more.

Coming Soon!


Winter Wellness Course

colds, coughs flu and more 

This course teaches how to use herbs and natural remedies to deal with   colds, flu, sore throats, coughs and more. 

You will make a syrup, tincture, salve, throat lozenges, herbal steam, compress, ear oil a tea and a decoction.  


Welcome to the Herbal and Healing Courses

The Green Path is the way of naturalists, herbalists, wise women, wise men and all who have a working knowledge of the world of plants.  In the days gone by, these individuals would have been called the cunning folk or Green Witches as an acknowledgement of their healing skills and plant knowledge. All practiced the art of living in harmony with the Earth. 


It is the intention of these courses to teach you the basic skills of becoming a healer for you, your family and friends. There seems to be a general consensus for us get back to the earth and become more self suffiicent, and these skill sets are essential! Besides being a whole lot of fun!.


These courses are for everyone who has an interest in healing work.  We will learn the herbs through our senses and direct application instead of memorizing pages and pages of text.   You will use your senses to determine how the herbs work by tasting them and feeling how they feel in your body. 

You only need a desire to learn to work with nature to take these courses.  These courses will not to teach you the vocation of herbalist but instead you will become proficent as a Home Healer/ Family Herbalist.

All the courses are stand alone and can be taken individually.  However, all of these courses have been designed to dove tail together to make a comprehensive Home Healer Series. Most of herbs chosen are utilized in at least two courses or more.  The entire Home Healer courses use only 15 to 20 herbs in total! No need to learn hundreds of herbs a few well chosen and understood herbs will suffice. 

If one took all of the of the courses you would be able to competently help your friends and family with the lumps and bumps of daily life.  As well as having made a fully stocked Apothecary made with your own two hands!