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Healing is multi-faceted, inclusive of all parts, not just our body. We are part of the Earth's ecosystem; drinking water, breathing air and taking our nourishment from the Earth. We bring our souls here as light, the earth offering us her blueprint to take physical form. We feel emotions, think thoughts and express our soul here. As humans, we need social interaction, and most importantly, we need to love and be loved. 

All of 'who were are' is what needs to be healed when illness comes into the picture. Is there 'too little of something' or 'too much of something? Do we feel valued, and does our work provide us with a sense of worth? Are our relationships fulfilling or draining, and do we have the support we need? These are all of the things a good healer looks at. Is your personal ecosystem in balance? 

Herbs are part of our ecosystem, our landscape, and can be invited to participate in helping us get back into balance. There are many gentle therapies and practices that can assist as well. Sometimes pharmaceutical medications are needed and they can work together with natural methods in a primary or complementary role. The guiding rule is always what is best for each individual and their quality of life. 

We come from the stars, and during our lives, we have an opportunity to have a beautiful dance with this earth; the dance of spirit and form! This interaction is truly the magic of this planet! When our ecosystems get disrupted, we can call on assistance from the earth and her amazing plants to help us regain our balance once again. 

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Get to know the healing plants by tasting, feeling, smelling, and observing them.  All of your senses will teach you what healing properties they have. Learn what your grandmothers & ancestors knew about the healing plants and how to use them for the maladies of your family and friends.  These courses are experiential and all you need is your senses to become a Home Healer and to become more self-reliant.

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We welcome the curious, the seeker, the student of life! Green witches, healers, mystics & more!  A legacy of knowledge served with the simplicity of online classes prepared just for you! 

The Earth has an answer to every question; in fact she has a thousand answers!

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