How does an Iridologist work?

A window into your health! 


The iris or coloured part of your eyes contains a map to the condition of your body's tissues. By understanding the irises' markings, an Iridologist can determine if you have an over- acid or under- acid stomach, irritable bowel problems, lymphatic congestion, inflammation and much more. Iridology can often see what is happening before the onset of any symptoms appear. 

An detailed map of the eyes

Iridology is a handy tool for a holistic healer's medicine bag!

Here is a quote from Dr. Jensen's book, 'Iridology.'

I think this quote below from Dr. Jenson, one of the world's most recognized doctors on the subject of Iridology, explains the basic concepts.

'I call Iridology the science of bringing light to dark places for two reasons. The iris is a window, so to speak, showing what goes on inside the body.  When we find darkness in any iris area, we find it corresponds to pathology somewhere in the body. When we make the correct life changes through exercise, nutrition, non-suppressive therapies and replacing our poor habits with good ones, white healing lines come into the dark places of the iris, telling us that healing is taking place in the tissues."

A session with me includes a detailed reading of the irises which I chart for further reference. Gentle therapies will be recommended, including herbs, maybe some structural work or Energy Work or Lightwork. After some time, a second scan is scheduled and the eyes are rechecked, as one of the truly remarkable aspects of this modality is that you can see the healing progression as it manifests in the iris! 

Initial Iridology Session  $75.00

Follow up sessions  $40.00

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