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Green Witch Courses

The Green Path is the way of naturalists, herbalists, wise women, wise men and all who have a working knowledge of the world of plants.  

In the days gone by, these individuals would have been called Green Witches as an acknowledgment of their healing skills and plant knowledge. These green healers were not involved in Wicca but followed the practice of living in harmony with the earth. Therefore, I have chosen to call this collection of courses, the Green Witch Series.

Check out the Home Healer Series where you will learn how to confidently use herbs and other healing modalites to help your family with every day maladies.   

Or, you can start your Green Witch adventure with stand-alone courses such as the Salves & Balms course and more that are on their way.

Home Healer Series 

The Home Healer series of courses are for everyone who wishes to become a Home Healer! You will learn about herbs, how to make medicines, other modalities and most importantly, how to use that knowledge to help your family and friends.   

The basics of Hands-on-healing is covered as well as setting intentions and asking for assistance from the unseen realms. Water therapies, flower essences, floral waters, working with a few stone beings, and basic essential oil use are also covered in these Home Healer courses. 

The Language of Plants is the foundation course, (see below) providing you with all the knowledge needed to delve deeper into becoming a home healer. A prerequisite course for many upcoming Home Healer courses, it is ready for you to begin. 

Colds, Flus, & Fevers Module coming in 2021

Foundation Course -Language of Plants

The Language of Plants is the first course in the Home Healer Series. A foundational course that guides you through your senses to learn about plants in a more profound way! Reading about and memorizing medicinal properties can only give you the knowledge; this course offers old-time wisdom through practical hands-on experience. 


A sensory adventure of taste, touch, smell and sight, the Language of Plants invites you on a journey into the ways and wonders of the plant kingdom. To fully understand an herb and its healing potential is to observe and translate its unique language fully; you might call it the decoding of nature herself. 


The Language of Plants is an evergreen course, meaning you can take it all year round and complete it at your leisure.  Even though it is a self-directed course, I am always available for questions, comments, and to check your quizzes as you proceed. I look forward to seeing you in class!

Stand alone Courses-Salves & Balms

Coming Soon!

Salves & Balms

Salves & Balms is a fun 'stand-alone' course for beginner Green Witches as well as for the seasoned ones and a great way to start working with herbs! Included are over 40  time tested formulas that I have used personally in my herbal practice for years. Each salve has at least two formulas as well as an essential oil formula where it is applicable. Make these salves and balms and add them to your Home Apothecary and help your family and friends with the lumps and bumps of life.   

Salves, used for common problems such as burns, scrapes, muscle pain, hemorrhoids, nerve pain, and arthritis, are covered in this course. Chest rub salve for colds and antiseptic and antifungal salves are just a few more to mention. We will also make medicated lip balms as well as therapeutic roll-ons. Besides having fun making your own salves and balms, they are also economical and make great gifts! 

Disclaimer:  The information, including but not limited to, text, graphics, images and other material contained on this website are for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment and before undertaking a new health care regimen.