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Two streams intersect to become a river of understanding on 'how healing works' and 'what it is to be human'. The expression 'as above, so below' has us look to the stars to see the reflected patterns of our personal soul journey on Earth.

Healing involves all of who we are, and that must include all of our expressions as a soul here, in past lives, and the collective soul expressions on Earth. This is a planet of diversity, expressed by the many different cultures with distinctive art forms, languages and customs. 

These social patterns and ways of living on the planet are diverse, interesting and unique, but some are not in harmony with Earth's ways.  Many are working with erroneous beliefs and, as a result, are damaging all that live on this planet. Deep in our hearts, we know this. We are in a time of re-examining our relationship with the Earth and all she gives life to, and our goal must be to live in harmony and respect with this living, conscious being we call Earth, our incredibly gracious and loving planet. 

The teachings brought through by channeller Krow Fischer are from a collective called The Council of Elders, whose main voice we call Red. This collective of spiritual teachers has helped humanity for thousands of years, assisting us with our histories and social understandings, bringing much-needed information for healing ourselves back to wholeness.   

Another group called the Council of Healers has offered mentorship, guiding my healing practice as well as many healers across the planet, helping us to understand the deep healing mysteries and how best to bring these forward for humanity's benefit and well-being today.

These are some of the Council's healing mp3s I recommend. Listen, enjoy, and allow their words to broaden your understandings of healing in a fuller, more profound way, as they have for me. 

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